Monday, November 12, 2012

An Apology Please, Mr. Robertson!

It's time for Christians to begin speaking out and holding Christian leaders accountable for the things they say on a national level.  For far too long, we've sat idly by in our prayer closets, privately ashamed at people like Pat Robertson for making a fool out of God and the rest of Christianity.

The most recent proclamation by Robertson about the 2012 election and what "God told him" screams out for accountability within the Christian community.

I love what Bishop Carlton Pearson said about this so-called prophesy.

He writes, "I know both these gentlemen and in my former days ministered with, for and sometimes to them. They are sincere and mean well based on their levels of awareness, spiritually or otherwise. However, they represent the spiritual climate of former glories and 20th century fear based theologies that have run their course and as Hebrews 6:1-3 suggests, should be retired and they along with all people of faith should go on or come along with others to maturity in the consciousness of Christ."

Yes, it's time for us to recognize that these men no longer have the Christ consciousness they once did.  Let it be a reminder to all of us.  Never get arrogant in our spiritual gifts.  I recognize that in the beginning, when these two gentleman were called to minister, there was a tangible gift and many of us benefited from that gift.  Then success, fame, money, politics entered in.  I don't think I need to go on about the recent activities that have taken place in Benny Hinn's life or the recent erroneous proclamations made by Robertson.

This Article and Clip about Robertson's false prophecy is self explanatory.  So, we join our voices with the author of the article, "As a public figure of Christianity you have a platform and a voice that people hear and believe.  You are responsible to those same people, Mr. Robertson, once you lie on God on a national platform, to offer your apology on a national platform as well!"


  1. About 20 years ago, I watched Mr. Robertson say this on his tv program - in response to a question from the audience:

    "When it comes right down to it, my ULTIMATE CONCERN is the defense of capitalism."

    I can't make that "add up" with Jesus' warning that we cannot serve both God and "mammon" which I render wealth-power or P$W$R.

    I fear that, at that public moment, he made his choice - and has been slipping down into madness ever since....

  2. Wow I must have missed that one, but he's said plenty of things that made me stop listening to him probably further back than that. Mid 80's I think was when I stopped giving credence to his connection with the God that I hear from.

  3. Good point.

    I think that most Christians in the US, much moreso the world, know that Robertson is way off. But he and his ilk define our public perception, because they want to and they're good at it.

    And we let them.

    We need to let the world know that we don't hate anyone, that we believe in peace, and that unbridled capitalism isn't actually a Christian doctrine.

  4. The worst thing Pat Robertson has done? Take a look at his who his friends were, and how he profited from his partnerships with tyrants in Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone. . . bet most people don't know about his connections with diamond and gold mining. Today Charles Taylor is in jail. Robertson still has a tv show.

  5. I am so happy to find like minded people that truly want to represent what Jesus taught and not what the polititians want Him to have taught.

  6. God is only one. God is NOT the son of man but infact God All-mighty is THE creator of the universe and jesus (peace be upon him) was a messenger of God just like abraham, moses, mohammad and david (peace be upon them all)