Saturday, January 12, 2013


We all need it.  To be inspired.  What inspires you?

Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented took a chance this last week and launched another Facebook Page dedicated to inspiring our Members.  It's called "Inspiration - for those outside the "BOX".

There are 100's of inspirational Facebook Pages out there.  That's why this is a "chance".  It may flop and that's okay.  Yet, we saw a gap that needed to be filled.

That gap is where many of our members live in.  You're living in the Gap if you call yourself a Christian, but don't want to associate yourself with the Christians you see in the media or on other Christian Facebook Pages.  You're not into the Kumbaya group, where life is all wonderful because of its exclusivity and everyone out there is going to hell because they don't look like you or act like you.

Maybe you grew up in "the church", but found it hypocritical or you were rejected there because you questioned something.  You now choose to identify yourself as an Atheist, Pagan, Theist, Agnostic, but deep within still find inspiration through thoughtful introspection.

A “BOX” is the limitation of conventionality.  You are living outside the limitations of Christian conventionality if;

  • You question whether there is a “Hell” 
  • You don’t accept the idea that there is only one way to God
  • You understand that diversity is a strength, not a weakness
  • You accept that God created Evolution
  • You understand that the Bible isn’t inerrant
  • You have come to realize that Homosexuality isn’t a sin as taught in the Christian church
  • You don't believe that owning a gun is a God given right
  • You acknowledge that America isn’t God’s chosen country
  • You now realize that non-Christians won’t burn for eternity
  • You consider everyone to be your brothers and sisters, not just those within the Christian faith
If this speaks to you, then you are living outside the "BOX".  You are not alone.  There are many of us out here.  Won't you join us?



  1. This describes me to an absolute T!!!! I love finding pages like this because it reminds me that I am not alone in my thinking. I don't worry about what other so called Christians think of what I believe mainly because I know that Jesus expects me to first find and practice my faith on a personal level. Second, he expects me to live the ideals he set forth not trumpet them and admonish others when they don't. I think there is much more value in giving a coat to a man who is freezing than in telling people they are going to hell for not following some rules set forth by fear mongers and bigots who like to interpret the Bible to support their agenda! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, ccrider. It's comforting to know that there are more of us out there than we think. Sometimes, we at CToBM (Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented) feel like we are the only ones who believe this way. It's comments like yours that keep us going. Blessings to you.

  3. I came to Jesus through a cult, the Children of God aka the Family International. Since leaving the group, I have been struggling with my beliefs. My Christian faith brought me a lot of peace and freedom from fear. Now that I've left, I look at all sides and I've become very confused by the options. I think I'm a prime candidate for your page.

  4. I am a progressive Christian and I also accept your bullet points. I think there are more of us than you realize. You will find us in a lot of mainline churches. My pastor and the majority of our members also believe this way. Unfortunately, we are not as loud as the fundamentalists. Some of us are working on making our voices heard. My church is a Reconciling Congregation (we accept ALL).

  5. I loved this. I spent 12 years in a very conservative, almost fundamentalist evangelical church. I got the courage to leave...I was tired of my kids disliking sermons, confirmation lessons that told them might as well not even plan your graduation from high school, cause Jesus is coming back within the next year or so...had to un-do everything the guy said. Ugh. Did a LOT of reading. Walter Wink. Rob Bell. Bishop Spong. Realized that hell was a bunch of shit...Left that church (raised some eyebrows, living in a small town) and found myself back home at an ELCA Lutheran church. I live in a pretty conservative area so I sense that some of my beliefs would be odd to my fellow parishoners, but also feel accepted to just be a human being. I love it. Also shed a lot of horrible hatred, including hatred toward those different from me and those who are LGBT. Love everyone. It's pretty easy.