About Us

Moses at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
There might be some who misunderstand the name of the Page. When they see the Facebook Page 'The Christian Left' they know exactly what that means.  If they agree, they join or if they disagree they join to spread discourse, for the most part.

The purpose of Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented is to bridge the gap between gay and straight, pro-choice and pro-life.  To create a place that is welcoming for those who have been rejected.  To stand up to the loud voices of extremism and say "No More"! 

The creator of this blog and Facebook Page spent most of her adult life as a Fundamentalist, Evangelical, Conservative Right-Wing Christian.  Then, at the age of 46, the Spirit of God revealed to her through various circumstances and divine appointments that being gay wasn't a sin or a choice.  In fact, there were gay Christians out there doing God's work and the Spirit of God was active in their lives.  Pro-Choice wasn't as evil as she was taught.  Compassion entered in and she realized that pro-choice didn't mean pro-abortion.

God changed her heart in a supernatural way by revealing to her that those two polarizing issues were used to divide people, to create fear, and to promote exclusivity within the Christian church.

We think some who come from a more fundamentalist background or belief system see the name of our Facebook Page Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented and believe it's speaking to them about liberals misrepresenting them. Then when they join, they realize that is not the case.

We are Christians who are tired of being misrepresented by Right-Wing Fundamentalists who have hi-jacked Christianity and over the course of many years made it into the complete opposite of Christ's teachings. Christ's main teaching was 'love your neighbor'.  Many fundamentalists today who have right-wing views are not living that example. 

We are here to expose the lies and misrepresentations made by the extreme Christian Right.  In addition, we are here to fellowship with those who have been rejected by the mainstream Christian Church and to provide a safe haven for the many who are now considered heretics and there are MANY of us.