Our Posture

Our Posture Regarding Same Sex Attraction

We have come to understand that words, as innocent as they may seem, can be conduits of the Love of Jesus or they can be the conduits that lead a young or vulnerable gay person to suicide. We know we have members or visitors who do not post here, but come here as an oasis - a place of comfort as they struggle with self-acceptance. We ask, we insist, that anyone who contributes be constantly aware of what you say and how you say it, as you never know who may be "listening" in a lonely desperate state of mind.

We heartily welcome any and all of you who are here to learn more about our gay brothers and sisters. Feel free to ask questions. We realize there may be many of you who are actually new to this subject. Maybe you are a parent who has just found out that your son or daughter is gay and you wish to learn more or ask for direction. You may have a gay brother or sister or you may be hoping to help a classmate or friend. Maybe you, like thousands of other Christians, have been moved to look more closely at your own long held opinions. This is the place for you and we welcome you. Many of us already here have had significant changes in our views, opinions, and beliefs regarding homosexuality. We welcome you and we are here to help you as you open your minds and hearts to those who have been marginalized by families, society, politics and religions for too long.

We pursue a Christ-centered approach to same sex attraction not a fundamental theological view, as was done with people of color and women in our church history.

If you attempt to debate your opposing theological positions on this subject, you risk being permanently banned. Our brothers and sisters get enough bigotry on other pages. This page will not be one of them.